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Tandem windsurfing in Hawaiian style!

This is what happens when people clean out their garages.
Many thanks to Claes who gave us this board.

The gem with an impressive length of 380 and space for 2 rigs could be a remedy for the almost windless days that have plagued us in the last few days. We have a whopping 16.7 m2 of sail area and a lot of fun is guaranteed with tandem windsurfing.

Also well suited for families, e.g. father/mother with child – that you always have it within reach!

The extremely warm autumn invites to do water sports and there will be more wind soon. Wingfoiling continues to conquer the waters and sailors on dinghies and catamarans are looking forward to the windy autumn days.

Hurry up, there are still 4 weeks left because the end of October is over – we’ll be back on the beach in April.

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