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Opening of the season 2024

As every year, we come back to you after the winter break with new energy and hope for another exciting, eventful season in 2024. Our preparations are coming to an end and in two weeks you will be able to enjoy our Wind & Friends Watersports Alcudia Mallorca base. This year, the well-known and liked sailing and windsurfing school, which has been operating for over 20 years, will officially open on March 30 and we will be with you on the beach until the end of October, so get ready for a long and fruitful season!

We know very well how much warm, positive and sunny energy everyone needs after a long winter break. And nothing provides it more than the charming town of Alcudia, located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca, and, above all, the attractions and water sports that await you here. That’s why we are once again coming to you with a rich offer of windsurfing, wingfoilng and windfoiling, as well as sailing in its various forms. We have in our sailing school Topcat catamarans like K2 and K3 and single-hull boats such as Laser, RS Terra/Zest and Optimists. Galeon sailing boats are still very popular and can be used for the whole family. Both – children and adults, beginners and advanced people will find the right equipment for themselves. For guests who like fun on the water “without a sail”, we have as always SUPs and kayaks. We warmly invite all those who have already had the opportunity to visit us before and especially encourage new people who will visit the magnificent bay of Alcudia for the first time to become one of our “friends” after their holiday. We want everyone who has ever thought about trying water sports to find something for themselves at Wind&Friends Sailing School. But it is not all! The Wind&Friends Windsurfing School has prepared many new products for 2024, which we can share with you now! For foiling enthusiasts, we have expanded our offer with additional wings and boards from Gong, so that each of you has a wingfoil set fitting your skills and needs. Our windsurfers will certainly be happy to hear about the purchase of new, even faster and better funboards from the latest Fanatic range. Of course, the latest models of sails from our partner Gunsails will also be waiting for you. We have not forgotten about our sailors and have prepared something extraordinary that will surely bring you a lot of joy. However, we will keep it as a surprise so that we can pleasantly surprise you when you arrive on the beach at the Wind&Friends Sailing School. In addition to all this, we plan to organize a number of interesting events, which many of you will certainly have the opportunity to take part in, and we will keep you updated in the coming posts on our blog.  As always, our professional staff of instructors equipped with modern equipment will take care of your learning of the basics and further progress in windsurfing or sailing courses, so that learning is not only effective and enjoyable, but above all, safe. So, if you like water and active holiday, we will help you achieve this goal together. We have for you, for example, individual training in the form of private lessons for wingfoil and windfoil or multi-day courses for those who feel better in a group. Remember that at Wind&Friends Watersports Alcudia Mallorca, we provide training in windsurfing, sailing, wingfoil, as well as catamaran courses at all levels of advancement and in all languages ​​of the world – well, almost all of them :). The entire Wind&Friends Team is looking forward to it and counting down the days until March 30, when we will again be able to feel the sand under our feet, the wind in our hair and jump into the water to enjoy every moment spent on the board or on the sailboat. Weather and wind forecasts for the upcoming season are very promising. And what will it really be like? Let’s find out together! We are ready – are you?

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Opening of the season 2024

As every year, we come back to you after the winter break with new energy and hope for another exciting, eventful season in 2024….

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