Alcudia News

  • Annual Spring Cruise

    After the long and partially warm winter break, time to cool down!
    Last year we observed at Wind & Friends a strong increase in dinghy sailing. After years of stagnation, the sailing courses seem to be on the upswing again. Even children's courses were well documented with 24 junior sailing certificates which was a record year.

    How do you explain the fascination of sailing people to those that do not sail themselves?

    When we talk about our experiences, we often reap astonished looks: constantly your clothes are wet, you fluctuate back and forth getting sea sick first at sea and later ashore, the wind whistles cold around your ears and your fingers are numb and hurt.To avoid this, choose the sailing area carefully, in Mallorca it wouldn’t happen. From the moment of sailing off it's just a matter of coordinating the interaction of wind, sails and steering, making the right movements at the right time.The route is the goal!

    On 25 March Wind & Friends opens its doors! And do not forget: the great thing about sailing is sailing!

  • Catamaran Sailing

    Catamaran sailing is from year to year more popular. Quick and sporty is a good alternative to windsurfing when the wind is not enough to get plain. Catsailing is a great fun and you can learn it in a few days. More and more young people are opting for catamaran sailing. Majorca is a dream destination for catsailing - especially the Bay of Alcudia, which offers excellent opportunities to exercise this sport. Wind & Friends also offers catamaran courses that you can finish with a VDWS Catamaran Basic Licence.

  • Season Start 4th April


    The cold winter is on its last legs and soon we will be forgetting our coats and jackets. Spring is on the doorstep and our bodies are eager to show off our latest tattoo or the results of our hard work in the gym during the winter months. Pure Spring Hedonism!
    A touch of exhibitionism and the search for pleasure is what drives us.  The air of Spring thrills the soul and in these somewhat complicated times there is a need to add color to our lives. We owe it to ourselves to be happy even when the odds are against. So paint your life full of color, experiences and unforgettable moments by the sea under the sun realizing your dreams with our help.