Windsurfing Equipment



Our watersports school Wind&Friends craft park comprises of Bic and Starboard (length 260 cm/volume 95 l/training boards up to 330 cm long/ volume 240 l). School sails from VDWS and rental sails from North and Gunsails for every class range between 1.5 and 7.9 m2.

Kids of only 7 years of age (according to bodyweight) can be trained in windsurfing using lightweight aluminium rigs.

Sailing Boats

3 Optimist boats (for children)
1 Laser Classic (one-man boat)
1 Laser 2000 Fun (two-men boat)
5 Galeons”- dinghis (training and free time boats for 1–5 person)
3 Catamarans “TOPCAT K2” (crew of 1-3)
1 Catamaran “TOPCAT K3” (crew of 1-2)


7 boards  Bic   9´6 - 11´6


1 single

1 double