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Course description

It is said that the greatest gift we can give our children is the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.

Windsurfing shapes the character of a child in a positive way, and arms it for the adversities of life. Adulthood is not always based on roses just because we can decide freely when to go to bed in the evening.

Every sport requires self-confidence to get better, including windsurfing. It is self-confidence and perseverance to achieve the goals and let the full potential unfold. Therefore, it is no coincidence that participation in sports is often associated with a higher academic performance.

Windsurfing teaches kids how to think, not what to think. And in the end, that’s the true gift of water sports.

Our water sports center is located (right next to a lifeguard station) on one of the most child-friendly beaches in Mallorca and offers pure safety. The wide, white sandy beach merges with gentle slope into the water and the palm trees along the beach lie on an inviting pedestrian promenade; away from traffic and street noise.

In a few steps you can wash the salt out of your children`s hair with fresh water showers or reward them in the beach bar with a delicious ice cream.

If the kids still need exercise after windsurfing, then this Caribbean-style beach invites you to build a sandcastle – or the nearby children’s playground beckons.

Sanitary facilities, restaurants and the idyllic center of Puerto Alcudia can be reached in just a few minutes on foot. That is why not only we, but also all parents and children sing praises about this wonderful location.

When you come to the spacious beach in the morning, you only feel the child’s hand briefly in yours … because soon his little feet, carried by the enthusiasm, run to our windsurfing school on the water.

You follow the small tracks in the warm sand, past the beach chairs with the romantic raffia parasols. The wind, which sweeps gently over your skin, creates excellent conditions for the children’s windsurfing learning.

Their life-jackets shine in the sun. First, under the guidance they play with rigs on the beach and boards in the water, to discover the interplay of wind, waves, sails and board. Because children learn most when they can develop their imagination freely. The following lessons are spent with the surf instructor on the water and practicing windsurfing skills such as sail-up, take-off, steering and tacking.
In addition, basic theoretical knowledge such as the naming of the board and rig parts, wind detection, as well as important safety instructions are taught.

Especially with children and adolescents, our VWDS (Association of German Watersport Schools) trained surfing team attaches great importance to conveying the experience of water joyfully, reducing fears and encouraging them to continue. Therefore, they use the fun factor as a teaching tool in small groups. So do not be surprised if you suddenly see your child on the board of a surf instructor.
Because truly breathtaking beauty lies in the face of a happy child. And a day without his laugh is a wasted day.