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Course description

Only one hull touches the waves, while the other rises to the sky. Higher and higher. The speed of the catamaran catapults the adrenalin through your veins. Every cell of your being cheers.
You bring the sails closer – gradually. The wind pressure increases and the ridge between flying and capsizing becomes noticeably tighter. You know about the risk. But it’s about exploring the boundaries between the possible and the impossible, leaving limits behind and getting better.

Catamaran sailing is definitely not for “couch potatoes”. It is rather an expression of our humanity in all its facets; to dare something new, to discover the unknown, not to be stopped by setbacks. Catamaran sailing demands mental and physical. This water sport sensitizes our perception, strengthens our concentration, and shapes our willpower. Our catamaran advanced course will help you to get it.

Basic knowledge of cat sailing is required to participate. In addition to refreshing and deepening the contents of the basic course, the trapeze sailing and downwind / flyer technique sailing is trained.

Our VDWS (Association of German Water Sport Schools) certified sail experts make sure you put your cat sailing adventure on a solid footing and learn to listen to the prudence of your inner voice as it urges you to sail beyond your skill.

Definitely a catamaran course that goes far beyond sail enthusiasm and fascination.

Because with mental strength, determination, instinct and experience you can touch the horizon of the impossible – in everything.