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The VDWS celebrates its anniversary

Last year, the VDVS celebrated the 40th anniversary of its foundation. Established as the Association of German Windsurfing Schools with the aim of the education and training of windsurfing instructors as well as to set the standards for the water sports schools. In the following years it expanded its skills to catamaran and dinghy sailing. 2001 started with kiteboarding. VDWS became international: new branches were established in Poland, Italy and Turkey, and the training of instructors was now held at an international level.

Wind & Friends also is a member of VDWS since the beginning, supporting  the association by training the interns and opens to the enthusiasts the wonderful world of water sports. After a 5-day basic course you can obtain from us in sunny Majorca the following VDWS base certificates: windsurfing, catamaran and dinghy sailing. This will certify your competence in their respective fields and pave the way for renting of material in 525 VDWS- schools in all over the world.

On 31.12.2014, the association had 3436 individual members and 525 schools, with 330 locations abroad. In the same year a total of 61,395 certificates were awarded, of which 38,655 basic windsurfing certificates, 13,920 sailing and the rest for kitesurfing. The extension of the sports followed as a logical consequence the renaming in German Association of Water Sports Schools.
Today, the VDWS is a synonymous for competence and high standards of education for windsurfing, kitesurfing, dinghy and catamaran sailing with a national and international presence is in the water sports.

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