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Season Start 4th April

The cold winter is on its last legs and soon we will be forgetting our coats and jackets. Spring is on the doorstep and our bodies are eager to show off our latest tattoo or the results of our hard work in the gym during the winter months. Pure Spring Hedonism!
A touch of exhibitionism and the search for pleasure is what drives us.  The air of Spring thrills the soul and in these somewhat complicated times there is a need to add color to our lives. We owe it to ourselves to be happy even when the odds are against. So paint your life full of color, experiences and unforgettable moments by the sea under the sun realizing your dreams with our help.

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Tandem windsurfing in Hawaiian style!

This is what happens when people clean out their garages.Many thanks to Claes who gave us this board. The gem with an impressive length…

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