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Course description

The best meets us mostly unexpectedly. So it is better to start imperfectly than to wait perfectly. In addition, the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard says:
“Most people hunt so much for the pleasure that they pass it”.

That’s why we have included this windsurfing mini-course in our program. Because we want to prevent you from passing by something that makes your soul sing and your heart quake.

You can book this course – without batting an eyelash. Actually, we should call him the windsurfing course of unlimited possibilities.

You only enjoy short break in Mallorca?
No problem: get to know the fascination of windsurfing for flexible 1-3 days.

You are unsure if windsurfing is right for you?

Immerse yourself in the unique world of windsurfing and taste the flavor of a sport that makes you brave and happy. Let put our VWDS (Association of German Watersport Schools) qualified windsurfing experts smile on your lips and a spark on your eyes.

Start with 1, 2 or 3 days and if you feel in your stomach suddenly the desire for more tingles, you can extend it at any time or book the basic course, whereby we fully credit the mini course.

You see, this windsurfing mini-course leaves nothing to be desired.

Learning windsurfing frees your head, is a full-body workout that can be seen outside the water (oh là là!), and brings you closer to nature and yourself. Because when you are windsurfing you live the zen of the moment and you are completely present.

You cannot buy luck, but our mini windsurfing course. And this one is already pretty close.