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Course description

With the sun in your heart and sunscreen on your skin, you walk light-footed across the warm white sand to our windsurfing school. You carry a smile on your lips and cannot wait to implement the newly learned of the past few days.

You meanwhile speak in the jargon of windsurfers and are proud of the achievements. Looking back on your first day of class as a beginner has not only changed your skills, but also your self-confidence in dealing with the new sport.
Under the watchful eye of the experienced windsurfing instructor you attach the rig to the board and go into starting position. Your gaze wanders over the gentle waves to the horizon. Like the days before, the wind of Majorca shows itself in the morning from its gentle side and creates optimal conditions for windsurf beginners like you.

You try to find the balance on the board, slowly pull the sail out of the water, and take up speed. You enjoy feeling the wind pressure in the sail and guiding the board accurately. Up wind, beam reach or down wind – every wind direction has its challenges and technique.
But if you learn the basics under the guidance of a VWDS (Association of German Watersport Schools) certified windsurfing instructor who speaks your language and understands difficulties, then it’s all so much easier.
Suddenly a gust takes hold of you. With the increasing sail pressure you lean your upper body back, while the center of gravity moves backwards, to the rear. The board accelerates rapidly and races over the waves. Even though this moment was short-lived, you will still carry it forever in your heart.
You have often imagined in your dreams what it would feel like, but the real experience was many times more intriguing and rousing.

Asked what you think about our basic windsurfing course, you just answer: “One of the best decisions of my life!”