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Course description

Do you remember the days when you admired the windsurfers while playing with wind and waves?

After this advanced course, you can proudly say, “Today I am one of them!”

This windsurfing course opens the door to a new dimension of windsurfing and dedicates you to the techniques of the cracks. From the first minute you will realize in the future that you are one of the masters, because it makes a huge difference, whether you lay down an elegant beach start, or forcefully pulling the sail on the up haul out of the water.

You stand by the waters on the white, wide sandy beach and feel the increasing winds of Majorca on your tanned skin. It’s amazing how the sea breeze set up reliably around noon and created excellent conditions for the training of windsurfing special techniques such as jibing, harness and foot strap riding.

Your VWDS (Association of German Watersports Schools) certified windsurf instructor has done wonders and improved your performance.

During the last days of the course, you have left your beginner`s time far behind and enjoy the growing certainty with your skills from now on to master even demanding wind conditions. You no longer feel like a plaything of the elements, but you are one with wind and waves when your board chases the water in the ecstasy of your enthusiasm.

Because there are these moments that truly make life worth living and touch our hearts into infinity!