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Course description

Sand, beach, and sailing – these words sound seductive to all ears. At the thought of gliding over the glittering sea of waves in a sailboat and breathe the liberating breeze of the sea, it tingles relish in the stomach.

But how often does an inner voice prevent us from spontaneously following our gut instincts. And afterwards we say with regret: “If only I had trusted my gut feeling!”

That’s why we’ve expanded our sailing program with the mini-course.
Undecided and short vacationer can book this course without hesitation, because it ensures maximum flexibility and freedom.
You only have a few days of vacation?
No problem, our mini sailing course starts with 1 – 3 days sail pleasure and can be extended as desired.

You feel unsure if sailing is right?
For a short time, try the magic of sailing. Under the guidance of our professional sailing experts, you’ll learn to harness the power of the wind with your sails and enjoy the soothing rippling of the waves on the side of one of our “Galeon” safty dinghies.

If the sailing enthusiasm irrevocably packs you, then we will charge the mini-course in full to a subsequent booking of the basic sailing course.

Who knows, maybe the most beautiful holiday memories are immortalized not only in photos, but also in the officially recognized sailing certificate of the VDWS (Association of German Water Sports Schools), which gives you free access to the world of sailing.

But sailing is not just fun and sports. Above the sea surface, it has the most negative ions, which are responsible for the optimal supply of oxygen to our body. That’s why sailing helps to regenerate faster, to be more efficient, and tangibly improves our well-being.

What are you waiting for?

Book our mini course and make sure you enjoy sailing for the ultimate holiday.