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Course description

In front of you is one of the most beautiful and longest (12 km) beaches of Mallorca. You feel the white, fine sand under your feet as you walk to our sailing center, which is right on the water. For many years, we have been exclusively enjoying the privilege of this fantastic location.

In the sheltered and open bay, light winds blow throughout the mornings – ideal for beginners. Free of rocks and reefs, you have plenty of room here for carefree training maneuvers, as well as free sailing.

Everyone knows that you learn better and faster in small groups – we too are convinced of this and take this fact into account. This allows our experienced sailors to avoid a rigid course program and instead focus on the individual participants optimally. One more reason why our customers book additional courses with us.

Many discover their sailing passion during the training and decide to take the opportunity to complete this course with the officially recognized sailing certificate of the VDWS.

You learn on the beach as well as on the sailboats. You discover next to many others that certain ropes are called “sheets” and what is involved with the maneuvers such as “gybing” and “tacking”. Step by step, you find yourself getting better and better in the mystical sailing vocabulary. The theoretical sailing knowledge is put into practice daily on our stable Galleon dinghies on water.

Depending on the weather conditions and the number of course participants, the sailing instructor will share the boat with the course participants – at least the first 1-2 days. Then he teaches from a dinghy. So he is quickly on the spot in case of “emergency” and ensures the safety.

You will learn to rig up the boat, name boat parts correctly, knots (figure of eight, reef knot or bowline), wind detection, courses on the wind and things to know about safety on the water, right of way and environmental protection.

Soon you know how to capture the wind optimally with the sails, be it for example on the run or up wind, as well as to navigate your boat accurately and precisely to the desired location. With pride you shine with sailing maneuvers such as pick up the buoy, lie to position or man over board.

It always fills us with joy when we look into the bright eyes of our students.