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Course description

Finally the time has come. The most precious weeks of the year – vacation!

But how can you as a parent relax on the beach, relax and live your own rhythm, while children are looking for “action!”?

The answer is to book “Kids Sailing“.

Did you know that sailing promotes intuitive intelligence, enhances sensory perception and strengthens a healthy body sensation? Many studies show that motor activities / water sports such as sailing or windsurfing also promote cognitive skills that help children develop vital life skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem, and resistance.

In addition, there is nothing more beautiful than the joy in the face of a child.

For years our water sports center has enjoyed the exclusive privilege of being located on one of the most beautiful and child-friendly beaches in Majorca.

Free of rocks, reefs and shipping, the open and at the same time safe bay provides perfect conditions for the first sailing adventures of the little ones. Especially in the morning, wind and waves show off the gentle side and offer fabulous conditions for our course children’s sailing.

The yellow lifejackets shine in the sun as the children launch their boats and cannot wait to set the sails and feel the tiller’s rudder pressure between their small hands. Sailing gives them the space for their childlike curiosity and allows them to live their spirit of discovery.

They listen with great eyes to the instructions of the expert caregivers, who playfully bring them closer to the world of sailing and an unforgettable time.

The education children sailing takes place on optimists (often called “optis”). It is one of the most commonly built class boats in the world for children and adolescents up to the age of 13, who have little or no sailing experience. As a safe, stable and easy-to-handle boat, an optimist does not punish mistakes with immediately capsizing and is primarily responsible for the acquisition of the basics of sailing. The RS boats “Tera” and “Zest” ensure the fun factor for older children or children who already have some sailing experience.

Safety is a big thing for us.

The children’s course is always accompanied by a motorboat to ensure maximum safety in our water sports center and the nearby Lifeguard Station make the parents feel even more safely.

So parents can take a time out and make it according to their personal wishes and dreams. Be it with a good book feeling the sun on the skin and listen to the sound of the sea, or enjoy a drink with Sangría in the nearby beach bar for the best family holiday of all time.

Sailing for kids makes it possible.