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Course description

You push the TOPCAT catamaran from the white sand beach into the sea and climb over the hulls on the trampoline, which floats just above the water. You just pull in the sails tight, just enough to catch a breath of the wind … and then it happens.

As if by magic, the catamaran picks up speed. But it is not the speed alone that captivates you, but the incredible ease with which the hulls of the catamaran glide across the water. This moment will remain unforgettable and will forever transform your sailing-soul. You know, you have found something very special.

Like any high-profile sports equipment, the catamaran also demands a sense of how to handle it. Under the guidance of our highly trained and experienced sailing experts you will learn the finesse of catamaran sailing. Basic sailing is recommended, but not a requirement.

So you soon discover that maneuvers such as tacking and jibing the catamaran differ from “normal” dinghy maneuvers. The way how to use the harness must be practiced before you can surrender to this liberating feeling of flying over the water safely.

And if the happiness hormones of catamaran sailing tempt you to get cocky, you’ll learn to set up a capsized catamaran with us.

Who knows, maybe your newly won sailing ecstasy leads to a holiday souvenir in the form of the internationally recognized VDWS catamaran certificate, which you can acquire in this course. Then after this experience, nothing seems impossible.

Book this course and ensure sporty sailing that satisfies all your senses.

Please note that our popular catamaran courses only allow a limited number of participants.