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Advanced Topcat Sailing Course

Discover the thrill of high-speed sailing and master the art of controlling a Topcat catamaran with our exclusive Advanced Topcat Sailing Course!

Are you ready to take your sailing skills to the next level and conquer the challenges of catamaran sailing? Our professional team of experienced sailing instructors is prepared to teach you the advanced techniques and maneuvers required to safely and efficiently helm a Topcat catamaran at high speeds.

In our Advanced Topcat Sailing Course, you’ll learn:

1.         Advanced trimming settings for optimal performance and speed

2.         High-performance maneuvers such as “flying on one hull” and quick tacking

3.         Handling challenging weather conditions and varying wind situations

Our course is limited to a small group size to ensure personalized attention and maximum learning opportunities. We offer flexible scheduling and various course packages to accommodate your individual needs. Our instructors are passionate sailors with extensive knowledge and experience in catamaran sailing, and they’re excited to share their expertise with you.

Embrace the challenge, master the art of catamaran sailing, and savor the adrenaline rush that comes with the speed and agility of a Topcat catamaran. Join us and become part of the elite Topcat sailing community!

Sign up for our Advanced Topcat Sailing Course today and unleash your full sailing potential! The wind is calling – be ready to master it!

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