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20 years Wind&Friends and it goes on!

As we were wondering about the topic for the next post in our blog, we realized that Wind&Friends Sailing School is celebrating its 20th anniversary in March.

Originating from “Happy Sailing” a sailing school started its activity in March 2003 under a new name – Wind&Friends Water Sports Center Alcudia Mallorca and under a new management of Marian. Some of those who I taught sailing or windsurfing already come with their own children – a generation change that is also taking place in water sports.

Not only the gear got better and faster but also sports like kiteboarding and catamaran sailing have become mainstream sports and other, new ones have emerged. Recently, foiling found a lot of fans worldwide and has been spreading on all waters. At the beginning I was quite skeptical whether this is not just a passing fad, but now every spot, not only in Mallorca filled up with wingfoilers. The foil will be screwed under every board that stayed afloat: whether windsurfing, paddle boarding, wing or sailboats. We also try to keep up and stay updated so we have become “Foil Friends” – and now we can say it – it’s a lot of fun! You can try it out as windfoiling (winsurfing board with foil) or wingfoiling.

How do I learn this? First a you get a short introduction on the beach, how do I hold the wing and how do I catch the wind to power my wing. Then you get on the water, first with a regular windsurfing board with centerboard (to reduce drift) or you just take a SUP. You first learn how to start, go straight and turn the board. If that works and you can maintain the height towards the wind, you switch to the foil. It will be exciting! We recommend for your first steps on the foilboard to hold the line beeing pulled by the motorboat and when you come out of the water (so called “flying”) you are ready to start with both wing and board. It is not that tough to reach that level but be prepared for some splash. 3-4 hours is the minimum to “take off”. And you can learn this with our help, methodically well structured classes accompanied by professional team. And if you can already do that, well…just borrow it!

Of course, dinghy and cat sailing as well as windsurfing are still popular. They are a great opportunity for your active holiday on the one of the most beautiful beachs in Majorca like Playa de Alcudia.

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