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1st April – Opening Season 2023 at the Wind&Friends sailing school!

The upcoming date is fast approaching, which for us and for many “friends of the wind” is the beginning of a fantastic adventure lasting over 7 months and beeing repeated every year for over 20 years. On April 1 we will set foot on the sand again on one of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca, and our water sports base, well known to everyone “Wind&Friends” will welcome you in the new season 2023.

After a few months break, we are coming back to you in a new version, looking for impressions, new experiences and challenges. Full of strength and optimism, we are entering the next season, hoping that it will be exceptional and even more successful than the previous ones. We forget about the numerous covid inconveniences and move forward to catch the wind in the sails. Many of you know that the excitement of water sports, especially sailing and windsurfing, is an experience that is remembered for a long time, and for some it becomes a new passion.
This year we will turn up the temperature to its highest level! We not only want to sail in our Puerto Alcudia waters, but also “fly” on them. That is why we put ourselves entirely to a new form of levitation called “wingfoil”. Thanks to this new technology, today we can literally fly with a wing, which is an incredible feeling. Foil is making a huge sensation around the world and is constantly developing. We also spread our wings, so at the Wind & Friends sailing school you have the opportunity to try and learn the foiling technique, both in the form of wingfoil (with a wing) and windsurfingfoil (with a sail). 2 boards and a full range of “wings” in various sizes are enough to experience this amazing feeling in the Bay of Alcudia. For those who like to get plain we have also purchased brandnew windsurfing sails from Gunsails to provide you with best performance.
On the sandy beach next to our station, catamarans wait for you, shining in white and red colors (Topcat) under the command of our passionate sailors will traverse the waters of Mallorca. Everyone who has been to this Balearic Island knows that summer can be very hot, so for those sweltering days, often with light wind condtitions, we have prepared traditional SUPs and kayaks, on which everyone will be able to relax while waiting for the desired afternoon sea breeze.

By coming to our water sports school, you will see new faces of people who will support our team in the upcoming season and will take care of your and your children’s safety on the water. Together, we will all try to provide you with the best impressions and experiences during training in water sports. Under the supervision of our instructors, you will be able to learn new sailing or windsurfing techniques, or simply rent equipment in our base. We want to make every moment you spend with us, whether on a boat, board or just on the beach, unforgettable and unique. We want it because we know that holiday time, often only a week or two, is a time that everyone wants to experience and remember in the best possible way. Those are the moments that make a person lives his life fully and wants to return to a place that he remembers forever. And that’s how we want to associate ourselves with you, so that you come back to us, just like all those who have been coming to our school continuously for years and have become “Wind&Friends”.

So here we go! 1st of April is a day when Wind&Friends start the new season again.

Welcome in the summer 2023!

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