Alcudia News

  • Sail RS boats with Wind&Friends

    RS Sailing is an international designer, builder and supplier of sailboats  and  dinghies. The world`s largest small-sailboat manufacture. The current RS range contains 19 dinghies.

     RS Sailing range has grown to include boats for beginners, families, clubs and schools, developed using that same desire to move the game forward.

    Our school has 2 of them. RS Tera, one man dinghy designed especially for children but not only. Excellent transition from optimist to laser – fast and easy to handle.

    The RS Zest is a brand new and the newest in the RS family. Compact boat that delivers more crew space and practical, enjoyable features than older generation rivals.

  • Did you foil already today?

    The largest water sports fair in the world - the Boot in Dusseldorf - just closed its gates. It took place under the motto: Everything foils -  windsurfing, kiteboarding or sailing. Foil conquers the waters from the Müritz to Hawaii. The only ones who stay behind are the SUP paddlers, but nothing is impossible - we still think that they can do it one day.

    Foil is a thin sheet of metal - a foil of metal. It is a kind of thin fin/centerboard that is below the underwater ship of the boat or below the windsurfing or kitesurfing board on which you sail or surf. This reduces friction and resistance of the boat or board. It allows us to glide or - better said - to foil with little wind.

  • We are opening on April 10th

    There are many crazy action days that are celebrated all over the world. World Day of the Snowman, In the Bathtub Read Day, or the World Kiss Day on July 6th (write it down)! The origin of this day is unclear and the question of why we should celebrate it is really unnecessary.

    On the 10th of April Have a Nice Day will be celebrated and on this occasion we going to open our station. And if you want to celebrate the day with others, we have prepared some fun vouchers, here is a sample.

    So, have a nice day not only on 10th of April!!! 
    See you soon!